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Du bist so wunderbar, Berlin!

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Dear friend,

We hereby present our current quest, which gives you a few new perspectives in Berlin. It was created by young people who were funded by the European Union from the ERASMUS + program.

This city quest was created as part of the one-week European youth exchange “ReQuest2020”. 50 young people from Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine participated in the project. The aim was to deal with the history of selected historical stations and at the same time to derive relationships with European integration and European values.

The young people have learned from history and have achieved a high transfer performance to the present day and to the principles of the European Union. As a result, a city quiz should be created over 10 stations. The young people wanted to make their contribution to Europe and to the 2020 strategy of the European Union.

In addition, the project was also about exploring the scope for action to consolidate European values, dealing with diversity and intercultural differences, entering into an intercultural dialogue with respect, practicing democracy, tolerance, solidarity and respect for human rights, and at the same time also to improve your own research, media and communication skills when creating the quest.

The project was funded by the European Union (# European Union) from the #Erasmusplus funding program. Everyone in Berlin now can experience and track the results of the work of the young people with the smartphone.

Have a look, you will experience interesting and educational moments and you may be amazed.

Instructions for the quest

We wish you a lot of fun

The team from  KiViN e.V.